Beauty treatments, such as cavitation peeling belong to the most frequently performed procedures in beauty parlours.

A cosmetic device for skin cleansing by cavitation peeling, lifting and micro-massage.

Cavitation is an ultrasonic device designed for deep clean of the skin, lifting and micro-massage.

Cavitation peeling

A very popular treatment available in most cosmetic clinics consisting in a painless, deep skin cleansing using ultrasonic vibrations. It allows for a precise removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, getting rid of calloused skin, blackheads and bacteria.

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Cavitation peeling method method is much more effective than the commonly used peels. It provides smoothing the skin and its rejuvenation, improves micro-circulation, has a disinfectant effect.

Cavitation cleansing results in effective exfoliation of dead skin and exposes
younger skin layer free from dead cells, the excess of sebum, bacteria and toxic substances, and the residue of cosmetics.

The skin, prepared in such a way, is ready to absorb the preparations better. The result of the treatment (peeling) is a smooth complexion, the skin becomes soft to the touch, with open pores and hair follicles, disinfected (bacteria and microbes are broken, and thus destroyed). The skin may become slightly red, which will disappear after a few minutes.