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Manicured, healthy feet are not only the foundation of well-being, but also an important element of beauty.

We offer effective treatments and professional Gehwol cosmetics for foot care, which alleviate and solve feet problems feet we face every day. Gehwol cosmetics can be purchased directly in our beauty parlour!

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The pedicure treatment makes: the skin on the feet become velvety smooth and soft which gives a feeling of comfort and freshness, helps maintain the freshness of individuals who have sweating feet. Pedicure treatment helps maintain hygiene and comfort of feet in every situation and solves problems we most often encounter: callused epidermis, corns and calluses, sweating feet.


  • Basic Pedicure (classic) – involves removing the nail polish, cleaning the nail, shortening and filing the nail plate, and removing calloused skin on the heels. The treatment ends with putting the nail polish to the nails.
  • Biological pedicure – a nourishing treatment, during which we do not use tools and metal accessories.
  • Curative pedicure – the treatment that removes with liquid nitrogen the calluses, corns, warts and ingrown nails (putting braces), treatment of ringworm (in our offer we have mycological examination to confirm or exclude the mycosis of feet and nails).
  • SPA Pedicure
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It is a relaxing and soothing treatment: a combination of a massage, aromas of aromatherapy oils and heat. Characteristic of the treatment is the enriched care consisting in bathing the feet, scrubbing that removes calluses and thickening of the skin and deep moisturizing, a soothing massage and putting nail polish.

The treatment begins with an aromatic bath that softens the skin of the feet. Then the peeling is performed. Then we proceed to a regular pedicure treatment. We can additionally apply a skin mask and paraffin. At the end owe are subjected to a soothing massage with the use of oils.

The treatment renews and regenerates the skin, improves blood circulation, refreshes, moisturises, brings a sense of relief to sore feet and obviously revitalizes the skin. SPA Pedicure provides us with the effect of smooth and soft feet for a long time.