RF Diathermy LavaTRON


The device helps to remove waste metabolism products by using high a frequency thermal massage.

RF Diathermy is an innovative device using diathermy

i.e. volume heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to a depth of 3-5 cm. The head emitting radio waves produces deep heat in the skin. This leads to the heating of the collagen causing it to shrink and to strong tension and the renewal of the structure.

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In addition, the device improves the blood circulation and the functioning of skin cells, as well as relieves pain.
RF Diathermy LavaTRON is also the most effective method of removing cellulite, body fat and to shape the body, because the radio frequency is effective on adipocytes (fat cells) by dissolving them. The RF energy heats tissues of the collagen that provides a basis for the skin. As a result of heating the collagen, the first reaction is a twisted spiral of fibres, with which it is constructed, which causes to shorten the length of the protein fibre and to pull up the flabby skin. It becomes firmer and visibly smoothed.


The device helps to remove metabolic waste products through a high frequency thermal massage that runs deep in the subcutaneous tissue and increases the elasticity of the skin by the regeneration of collagen fibers. Besides, its lipolysis allows for shaping the body.
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Body Shaping is one of the most effective devices for modeling the body, reducing cellulite and improving the structure and shape of the breast. Applied methods of treatment are effective, enjoyable and relaxing. They affect the superficial tissues as well as the lymphatic system and can be combined with the application of cosmetic treatments.


  • chronic arthritis
  • lumbar pain, myalgia
  • inflammation of the shoulder
  • rheumatism